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Get my craft on!

Taking suggestions!!

I got a fun new fabric and cannot decide what to do with it!!

What to do, what to craft!?



How cool is Old School!

I just found this fun site and love it and wanted to share it with ya’ll!

I love everything about it!

From the design of the site to what they stand for to the classes!

About the Old School

Old School is a hub of experts happily sharing their user-friendly skills to further the revolution of sustainable and frugal living. Until now, these awesome resources in Albuquerque have had a loose network of independent workshops and classes. Now, these experts and offerings are under one roof, making Old School the place to find the skills you want to learn.

Our classes are intentionally priced to make them affordable for families in need of these skills. Free or low-cost SAFE childcare is available in order to open opportunities for folks otherwise unable to attend classes.

Our financial model is simple. If there are funds left over after paying for rent and supplies, teachers get half of it. At least 10 percent of any leftover funds is donated to a charity. The remainder is returned to the school to compensate administrators and keep the school running (website and advertising).

If you don’t see a topic on our list, let us know. We’ll use our network to find a teacher for you, and then we’ll host a class. If you want to take a class but it doesn’t work with your schedule, talk to us. That teacher might offer a class to meet your schedule.

Or if you have a skill you think fits our mission, let us know. Maybe you can join our experts in spreading the traditional, frugal and sustainable living skills that make Old School so neat.

Sow Box

Finally had some time this weekend to sow some creativity…

so I started sewing…

I had this beautiful green fabric in my sewing boxes that I have been meaning to use for years so I decided that its manifestation should be a skirt.


I had this idea for big buttons, thick bold hems and some patterns stitched on.


I didn’t use any kind of pattern so the cut is really fun and tailored just to me.


I still have yet to stitch on the patterns, which I think will be birds (go figure for those of you that know me) but it is wearable for now and I can add those whenever I have my next chunk of time for some creative out-letting.


Perhaps birds AND sprouting seeds stitched on!

Time will tell what I will sow.