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Telluride Music Festival

I had an amazing experience at Telluride over the weekend.

Beautiful surroundings that are simply indescribably picturesque, so much so that even my camera does not do them justice.

The music was amazing. I also got to enjoy a brief swim (freezing cold river) and brief hike (looked longer before we started up) to a cave we could see across the valley from our campsite. There was even a lovely winding trail to run with Aspen groves and creek crossings from campsite to town which I did Friday morning.

The festivarians are heart warming folks. I met a couple that I am going to hang out with in Seattle for a home cooked dinner on my summer road trip tour of the Northwest. Our fellow campers were kind, welcoming and a wonderful community. And every bus ride to or from the festival grounds from the camp sites was filled with music, jokes, beers, and laughter.

We were blessed with a wide range of weather as well. From sunburns to a dusting of snow and a rain storm during Mumford and Sons. We all kept cool by sharing shades or warm by passing whiskey through the crowds.

And to top it all off, I even ran into an old buddy that I fought fire with back in the day!


Bath me in honey and wine…

For the weekend I leave you with some more of my older writings…


Lyrics by A. Jones on Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 7:39am

To the cliff edge view
take me up the path
beneath the planets
shining on desire and will
to close eyes and free fall

And remember we


you and me
had it all

let the dewdrops lick
our skin in passing
berries paint our lips
our strength wrap bonds
and conjure weight in the air

And remember we


you and me
had it all

Take my hand
lead me through tall fields
caressing summer skin
toward ocean and banjo
in love, light and laugh

And remember we


you and me
had it all

Let me feel your heat
in the lightning storm
in your arms
follicles standing at attention
my fall in the Fall
And remember we


you and me
had it all

And take me to the pines
sprinkle the wood with conifer
flow me to the river fall
bath me in wine and honey
in Appalachian dance

And please remember

we almost
you and me

had it all

Ruth Moody and a moody Apple.


By Ruth Moody

O light shine down on me
You know what I need
Shine down on me
Shine down on the garden
Sweet earth alive under me
You know what I need
Cradle me like a seed
As I lay in the garden
O wise and beautiful tree
Standing high over me
Oh the things you have seen
Tell me your story in the garden
Tell it to me in the garden
And tell me
How long have we slept
How long have we wept
There’s work to be done

Sky above
so vast and so deep
You know what I need
Rain down on me
Rain down on the garden
O light surrounding me
Sweet mystery
In everything I see
Come and find me in the garden
And tell me
How long have we slept
How long have we wept
There is work to be done
In the garden

It is raining today, not a monsoon but a drizzle. It’s lovely.

My garden is getting a little love from the sky and its perfect because I am sick.

When I am sick, I am a big wuss. I like to be taken care of.

I just want to curl up with movies and Parker and zinc lozenges and Ricola and warm soup and grilled cheese and ice cream and hot tea and yin chiao and get messaged where I have body aches and have someone put cool wash clothes on my forehead.


I don’t have any energy to train and its a run day for me. And I have been reading running blogs and everyone seems to have DNF’s (Did Not Finish) on their Marathon records.

And what if this happens to me on my first one??

I didn’t think about this before. The possibility of not finishing what I have started when race day comes.

And if I am sick and missing run days, what if this screws up my training enough that I feel it when I am trying to climb that first thousand in six miles??


Obviously being sick is giving me anxiety, which in turn is not going to make me get better any faster.

But at least the sky is moody with me…

Did not quite make the 17 goal, but how many people can run 16.3 miles!

You get to see a lot in 16.3 miles…

I took several pictures to share what my runs look like with you.

I began my run after work late, at about 5:30 pm and it takes me hours to run this far so I was concerned about still being on the trails in the dark.

On the return I opted to stay on the higher, more open service road rather than the trail along the Rio Grande because it was already dark under all the trees and this ended up cutting out nearly a mile.

None the less, I have never ran this far so I still set a new PR!!

It was a warm (75 degree) evening and the sky was beautiful with a little breeze.

And I had my wonderful little side-kick to try to keep up with…Parker is a real motivator, let me tell you.

She never stops.

When we get home from the long runs that I let her come on occasionally, she doesn’t even rest…she starts tearing around the yard with her toys while I am the one laying on the cool cement patio panting!

So, after about six miles down the Rio from where I usually start at the Hispanic Cultural Center, you begin to run along next to fields and farms.

Its quite picturesque.

But what will always get me about this desert when I am long gone is the sunsets and the giant skeletal cottonwoods.

The sunsets here are unlike any I have seen anywhere in the U.S.

And I have heard from others who have traveled abroad a lot that they are also unlike any they have seen outside the U.S. as well.

And the way that the sunsets light up the Sandia Mountains, our watermelon mountains, and set them on fire will take your breath away every time.

So, due to the new PR and cooking for my guest… I made mussels as soon as I got home.

Cooked up a storm still covered in salt from sweating.

They were delish, of course, cause you can’t really ever go wrong with mussels but I shall definitely be tweaking the recipe I used from the food blog I subscribe to.

I like my food to be sensational and even after running 16.3, the sauce was lacking in flavor to me and too hot from the peppers it called for.

I still ate over a pound of these fabulous little ocean treats though.

Good protein for sure at least!

My favorite rosemary bread with lots of butter left me feeling full and satiated.

Besides, I needed that pound of mussels because I burned over 1500 calories!

Run stats:

  • Miles: 16.3

  • Duration: 2:49:07 h/m/s

  • Ave Pace: 10.23 min/mi

  • Ave Speed:5.78 mph

  • Calories burned: 1,557

  • Elevation climb: 774 ft

Activists come in all forms.

She is amazing and her name is May Erlewine.

Her voice gives me goosebumps at the end of that video!

These photos are from Hoxeyville 2010.

May and Seth together on stage is magic, so much love between them is translated into their performances.

I highly recommend that you check them out some more.

They are also very active activists. Everyone has their own way and theirs is through their music and their farm.

Cinco de Mayo

A little celebrating on campus….






Fine Five Mile Morning

Oh lovely day!

Thanks for your morning running blessing. I actually got up at six am to hit the sand! Don’t pee your pantalones, its true. Shocking as it is.

Tomorrow I am running ten or eleven miles up the La Luz trail. Well, lets be honest…5.5 up then 5.5 miles back down. I will be focusing on that downhill all the way up! Cause what goes up must come down (thank goodness).

The La Luz trail might feel brutal tomorrow but I kinda have a steal mind once I get running so even if I am slow as a snail, I will keep on truckin’.

(Side note: Ha! I just had a flashback of the first year I was on my Hotshot crew and struggling up those hills with all the guys. I was half their weight but still carrying the same weight as them in gear and repeating to myself in my head among cuss words that “I eat men with their strength for breakfast” to keep myself feeling tough and keep one leg in front of the other. If they could do it, I could too, even if I was half their size. I made up for their strength with my determination!)

Besides I don’t want to die on that first quarter of my race in July so I will be killing myself on this trail until then so that those first six miles of my marathon feel like a breeze!

This is the La Luz elevation chart for the La Luz Trail Run that happens here annually, just to give an idea of what I am running in the morning. So, if I don’t blog again by Monday, send out the hounds to find my body…    😉

Here’s a topographical map cause I’m nerdy like that and love them...those switchbacks at the beginning shall be a b*tch!

In more running news, I have kept up steady progress really well this month! New records all the time now. Just starting to zone in on my elevation runs and improving my times.

The stats:

21.1 miles this week

77.2 miles this month

And now I leave you with this.

I really don’t know why this came up when I googled the La Luz trail.

But, it made me laugh so I share!