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Nothing motivates me more to run than running itself!

Back to pain free days…period is days past now so my endometriosis pain is mostly gone for now too. And my back injury(whatever that was) seems to be pretty much okay so I had done a run the last two days. I actually got up and did a morning run both days! Amazing for me. My sleep schedule how been fairly back to normal so morning runs have been much easier to do. My new place is close to an old running spot I used to go to several years ago quite often and I am enjoying the proximity. 

So, about that motivation. I have another half marathon in 3 weeks that I am already signed up for but I do not feel ready for (at least not to do any sort of a stellar job in) since I have taken several weeks off from running due to pain. My pain has also caused a bit of depression which further makes motivation for running hard to muster. The cure it seems every time is just to force myself to do it anyhow when I get into one of these funks.

Just go do one run, you won’t regret it!

That run leads to another run and each ones feels easier and better. It just feels good to be outside and moving. To get those endorphins. To feel my body move with confidence and power. To feel healthy. To let my mind wonder. To be with my dog, Parker. It feels good to give something good back to myself. To remind myself that I am strong after all. Strong in body, in will, in mind.

That race in 3 weeks doesn’t hurt the motivation factor either though 😉


NWRT Photo Recap… UT hightlights.

And last but certainly not least from the summer 2011 Northwest Road Tour…

I have been gone so long…

I can’t wait to get back into my blog and write up some fun new stuff!

My course load and work load got a bit nuts last term, but it all paid off nicely. I have many many things to talk about and share! Several rants that have been brewing and sooooooo many fotos to post up.

Then I have a new running race in place to talk about!!!

And OF COURSE some foodie stuff to blog!

So…I’m BACK!


Busy busy bee!

I am quite nearly overextended this term… that explains my absence.

Seven classes and two jobs…I swear, I think I am superwoman at times then have to realize that I am NOT.

I also seem to be fleeing from a seasonal funk.

I will try to post on the weekends when I have a lil time in my schedule.

It would probably be good for me anyways.

I think part of the funk is also due to a sudden and drastic exercise reduction.

After my marathon I have been giving my knee a break and have not substituted some other form of exercise.

This equals a sudden dive in happy hormone production in my brain, and I am definitely feeling it.

So to the gym I go. Going to try strengthening for awhile.

I want to have a good muscle base for future running, I was definitely neglecting that part.

Wish me luck!

NWRT Photo Recap… Central OR hightlights.

NWRT Photo Recap… WA hightlights.