5k and 10k Update!

Well, well, well.

I completed the 5k AND a 10k since my last post!

Miles for Smiles 5k

The 5k was a little rough for me, though I am not sure why. I just didn’t have the push to get nearly the time I had hoped for. I came in at 26:16:6, which I believe is at least two full minutes slower than my best. Perhaps I didn’t fuel correctly? I definitely could have slept better. I did take 3rd place overall for women though!

It is certainly not a favorite distance for me. I enjoy longer races. I feel like I am just getting into my groove when its time to push for the end of the race with a 5k. My speed work and track workouts are feeling better so maybe this will improve.

My 10k on the other hand, I had a blast at!

Cherry Garcia 10k

It was an evening race instead of a morning race like the 5k. Evening is when I prefer to do my training as well. It was over 97 degrees when we started the race! And it didn’t cool down much more by the end. Good thing there was Cherry Garcia Ice Cream at the end!

Due to the heat and the added strain that can put on a runner, I set a mild goal of 9 minute miles pre-race. I came in at 54:59.0. Below 9 min/miles for all but the middle two. I had to stop and re-tie my shoes for one of those miles. So likely that would have been a sub 9 mile as well had I been genius enough to remember to double knot my shoes. DUH! The evening race time slot seems to be a better time for me. And the heat actually felt just fine. There were plenty of folks who did not look so well out there, lots taking flushed walking breaks. I am glad my body seems to tolerate the temps well here in the desert.

Next up is the back to back 5 Mile race and Half Marathon in Cali. July 14-15! Can’t wait.


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