On your mark.

5k is in two days.

Funny how no matter what mileage and training I am at, a race makes me nervous every time.

I am thinking about it though and realizing that though I have run 5k’s and 10k’s I do not remember my times exactly. I wish I had written things down before. I am on the look out for any creative ideas for tracking my races. In running you really only compete against yourself in a non-professional running career. You can try to place but really you have to train for that by competing against yourself in training and past times. That is one fun part for me in races, but if I am not keeping good track of PR’s, how will I even know I am setting one?!


Wish me luck!


2 responses to “On your mark.

  • drinkrunyoga

    You could probably go to the website of your past races, and look up your timing. I know most race organizers keep about 3-5 years of previous race stats. As far as keeping track? I just have all of mine written on my blog. Before that, a little notebook. I’m not very tech savy. I know there’s quite a few run tracking websites that might help you keep track. Good luck on your upcoming race.

    • AppleJuice

      Thanks. I have the larger and longer races I have done with the ability to check websites, but the smaller and shorter distance races I don’t have access to. I usually choose lesser expensive short distance races and they don’t keep sites or track it seems.

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