Busy busy bee!

I am quite nearly overextended this term… that explains my absence.

Seven classes and two jobs…I swear, I think I am superwoman at times then have to realize that I am NOT.

I also seem to be fleeing from a seasonal funk.

I will try to post on the weekends when I have a lil time in my schedule.

It would probably be good for me anyways.

I think part of the funk is also due to a sudden and drastic exercise reduction.

After my marathon I have been giving my knee a break and have not substituted some other form of exercise.

This equals a sudden dive in happy hormone production in my brain, and I am definitely feeling it.

So to the gym I go. Going to try strengthening for awhile.

I want to have a good muscle base for future running, I was definitely neglecting that part.

Wish me luck!


One response to “Busy busy bee!

  • grumpygranny

    I, too, have noticed a decline in both mood and exercise frequency since getting back from my swim. Amazing how the body knows what it wants/needs and how it tells you. Putting my feet to the road again. Good luck with classes/jobs/activity.


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