Get my craft on!

Taking suggestions!!

I got a fun new fabric and cannot decide what to do with it!!

What to do, what to craft!?



6 responses to “Get my craft on!

  • Susan Jorg

    I love to piece quilts, so that’s the first thing I think of when fabric is involved. 9-Patch Pizzazz by Judy Sisneros is a book with ideas for this type of fabric. You can capture the animals in larger squares and use fragments of the leaves in smaller squares to encircle the animals. You’ll need complimentary fabrics that pick up the main colors and scatter them throughout. The book is on, available for download. Check it out.
    Happy crafting!

  • AppleJuice

    I really don’t want to break it up though, it is SUCH a lovely pattern and I really like the way it is laid out.

  • Susan Jorg

    How many yards do you have? Were you considering home decor or clothing?

  • AppleJuice

    Just one yard. Was thinking either skirt or throw pillows.

  • Susan Jorg

    Skirt or throw pillows sound like good possibilities. I was thinking a long vest, but you don’t have enough fabric for that. You could also stretch it over a frame for a wall hanging.

  • Susan Jorg

    Also might consider embellishment with beads or embroidery, especially if doing pillows.

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