NWRT Photo Recap… Southern OR hightlights.


4 responses to “NWRT Photo Recap… Southern OR hightlights.

  • Tara

    Parker is so big! Is that your dad on the bicycle? Are you trying to set the Internetz on fire with photo #9?


  • Amy Jones

    Haha! Which Q do I answer first….

    Yes, Parker it tall…yet skinny no matter how much I feed her. Only forty pounds when soaking wet.

    Yes, that’s my Pops, up to old tricks riding his bike backwards.

    And no, not setting anything on fire…just showing how secluded and peaceful it is on MY river.

    • Tara

      Parker is way bigger than Piper ever was! He was only like 20 lbs. I thought that was your dad.

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure when folks look at that photo, they are not thinking about seclusion or peace. Or maybe that’s just me. Smokin’ photo.

      Also, just to balance things out so I don’t seem like a complete pervert, the next to the last photo is pure adorableness. You look purty. 🙂

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