Epic NW Road Tour: Part II

And the adventure continues…

Day 11 of the journey we will drive to Seattle, WA where we will be camping 20 minutes away on a bayside campsite at Dash Point State Park. From there we plan to go explore the city, poke around Capital Hill, find a good co-op and an exciting dog park for Parker Jade. Then late in the evening we have plans to make an epic dinner with our friends we made at Telluride this year. Can’t wait to hang with them again! In the moring, a short run on the beach at the campsite and then start the slow journey back south.

Day 12 its off to my old high school stomping grounds for some dispersed camping action and some brewery recreation! We will be driving over Mt. Hood to Bend, OR. The first day we will head into the woods somewhere<—winging it this night, for some back woods camping. Maybe dinner at one of the many AMAZING breweries there, like the Bend Brewing Company before heading out to claim in spot in the forest.

Day 13 will be a day for the river and The Beer.  First off, a little sunrise jog along the Deschutes River on the First Street Rapids Trail with a possible swim in the river at the end, followed by a Deschutes Brewery tour. After, I will probably want to stop at a few of my old favorites…Pizza Mondo(one of the best pizza shops ever), Of the Earth(super fun clothing store), find a local bead shop(one of my favorite souvenirs to get), and some road snacks for the next day’s drive at Nature’s(happy its still there).

Day 14 we will be driving all the live long day, with Moab and Arches on our minds. This is by far our longest driving day. It should be filled with lots of scenery and books on tape! We will be camping in Green River, UT by the end of the day. We are hoping to pull in mid evening, just in time to set camp and cook up some tasty grub before hitting the hay, errr…. sleeping pad.

Day 15 I will be looking at this from above our campsite! But first we will get up from Green River to drive an hour to Moab to drop off Parker at doggy daycare(found a good’on) since she isn’t allowed on the Park trails and I wouldn’t dream of leaving her in the car in the hot desert. Then its on to Arches to tour the Park to hike around for the day.After the day of hiking, Parker Jade will join back up and we will poke around Moab for the evening before heading to this lovely camp pictured above called Dead Horse Point.

Day 16 we might do another hike for the sunrise view and then find some yummy breakfast. Then it’ll be time to drive back to ABQ, hoping to make it home by early evening.

What a trip!


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