Epic NW Road Tour: Part I

The huge trip will be commencing shortly!

The planner in me has been in overdrive in the last week getting the last details into place. Trail runs along the way, camp spots, double checking stay dates with friends, finding co-ops along the way to shop at and fun things to do in the cities that we are staying in for multiple days. I have also been picking up last minute items needed such as a sleeping pad, tent stakes since some were ruined at Telluride, tarp for the stuff in the back of the Baja in case of weather, a camelbak for my Marathon, a good stock of dog food to bring along for ParkerJade, ect, ect.

First up is a stop for lunch at the Flagstff Brewery to enjoy some tasty grub and brew before we head down into Sedona, AZ for a quick look on the scenic drive. Then its off to Las Vegas, NV for the night to stay with a good buddy of mine from high school. Normally I would not enjoy staying in a scene like Vegas but since he is a local he shows me around the local spots like this place where we have had brunch several times.

Day two sees us setting off into the deserts of CA. Near the Mojave desert we will be pit-stopping for a training run off of Death Valley Road in the Hollow Hills Wilderness. Then a non-stop Baja flight to San Fran for the night. Walk around the city with Parker, have some wine in the park, get some groceries, and then cook up a mean batch of fresh NW coast crab mac’n’cheese for E’s birthday dinner. In the morning is a training run through the city, down to the beach, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and along the trails in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Day three we will be rushing up the coast to the town I was born in for a Jones Family Reunion! Ha! Hot damn! 😉  Should be a kick in the pants. That eve we will camp at the park the reunion is at or my brother’s yard. Perhaps My nephews would want to camp in the yard with us!

Days 4 and 5 we will be camping up the North Umpqua River, doing some hiking to some waterfalls, swimming in my secret spot, doing morning trail runs along the North Umpqua Trail. We may also tour some of the local wineries back in town. As well as more visiting with family, surely.

Day 6 we’re headed to the Oregon coast! To stay with my very good friend in Coos Bay, visit the beach, catch up and play with the kiddos. Hopefully cook up a nice dinner so my friend can have a night off from being the world’s best wife and mom. The next day we will be doing a training run along a cliff overlooking the ocean on the farthest western point of Oregon down to the oldest and tallest lighthouse on the coast! Called the North Cape Trail in the Cape Blanco State Park.

Day 7 its off to Eugene, OR for lunch at one of my favorite spots, either McMenamin’s High Street Brewery & Cafe or The Bier Stein and then maybe  Sam Bond’s Garage afterward for one of the music nights on the patio with friends from the area. We will be staying the night with another good friend from high school at her home in lovely West Fir, OR, not too far away from Eugene.

Day 8 after a short hike and hopefully cooking up some yummy brunch for another professional full time mom friend we will make like babies for Portland, OR. The first day there I just want to relax in preparation for my marathon that is happening the next day. Maybe visit with a friend and go to bed early.

Day 9 is THE MARATHON! So I will be up early to have a carby breakfast of the usual english muff with peanut butter. Then I have to set out for the race to pick up my packet around seven am. The race starts at 8 am and hopefully I will be finished somewhere remotely close to four hours later. Awards and metals (finishers for me!) and pictures and such and then on to a post race celebratory meal! I want to eat at this place called The Farm Cafe, gorge myself really… cause I will deserve it! Then maybe beers with a friend somewhere or a movie at The Kennedy School. Though that would be hard with Parker since we are still trying to find a place to stay at, let alone somewhere for Parker to hang out while doing such activities.

Day 10 is about exploring Portland fun. Some of the usual hits, mixed with some events and whatever else comes alone. There is never a shortage of things to do! The Portland Saturday Market will be a stop after breakfast at my favorite spot, Mother’s Bistro and Bar, then onto the 24th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival. Powell’s bookstore will be on the list, the coolest dog park we can find for lil Parker  and then we shall see what else we come up with between now and then…

Stay tuned for Part II of the Epic MW Tour


One response to “Epic NW Road Tour: Part I

  • grumpygranny

    Wow, that looks like one amazing trip! I cannot imagine running a marathon. I can barely imagine RUNNING out of a burning building! 😉 I wish you all the best, endurance, good times and no trouble with feet, knees, hips or back. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

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