Sweet accomplishment!

20 miles run under my belt!

20.8 mi to be more exact. And though it took me four hours due to various reasons, I am feeling MUCH better about being ready for my marathon now.

It was in the nineties by the middle of my run and I also ran out of water at around mile 14 but I still (deliriously) made it through and back to my house with a few short stints of walking it the hottest areas. Talk about extreme training.  With that in mind and a steady four hour training run accomplished and the elevation in Portland being four thou lower than here at the highest point of the marathon I am not as worried about that mystery 5.2 miles I will be doing in 11 days.

Not that I am not nervous still… cause my stomach tightens every time I visit my marathon’s page!

BUT, yay I accomplished a 20 miler non the less!

21 Miles later...

Now I am super stoked for some shorter and hopefully faster runs over the next few weeks as well as the upcoming road trip home.

I will be doing more training runs in:

  • Las Vegas (or perhaps at a stop somewhere in So Cal on way to SF)
  • Bay area in San Fran
  • North Umpqua National Forest (right near my birth city)
  • Along the Oregon coast in Coos Bay

And then recovery (post race to prevent muscle ache) runs in:

  • Portland area
  • Seattle area
  • Bend, OR area
  • Moab/Arches area

Much to look forward to!!


One response to “Sweet accomplishment!

  • herrsolera

    That’s a crazy good accomplishment — I can barely run more than 8 miles on a hot day, so churning out 20 is definitely something you can be proud of. Good luck on your marathon!

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