Quiet for a reason…

Obviously, I have not been including much of anything for posts on training for my marathon.

(Which is only 17 days away…17!!!)

There are several reasons for this quiet…

  1. I have severe lack of motivation to train right now. Its like my running shoes have been dried into some kind of invisible cement so that whenever I tie them on it becomes SO difficult to take that first step (even toward the front door!). If fact my aversion lately is like my hands are anti-magnets to my shoes when its time to pick them up. My poor shoes… I have just gotten so far behind during field school that I already feel a failure.
  2. It is hard to post about my downturn in my training because then its like holding myself accountable. Like if I don’t talk about how hard of a time I have been having then it won’t really be true.
  3. I have been so busy in the last month that I have not had sufficient enough time to properly train, let alone post about it. I checked when I signed up for doing my field school last month if I would have time to still train, logged everything we would be doing into a schedule so I could plan my training into the schedule to make sure even, and then there were days where we were going from breakfast to tours to hotel check-ins and dinner and talks after that til our schedule was ending up being 14 and even 16 hour days. It was so frustrating that I double checked and planned for everything and still did not get sufficient personal time for training(This could turn into a rant needing its own full posting so we will stop here).
  4. The Bosque has been closed due to fire danger so my in-city trail running options have dwindled, are mostly paved options, and I am too uninspired by my surroundings to talk much about them lately.
  5. I no longer have access to a nice running program, any running program in fact, to keep good track of my running stats to have anything to talk about there. I can map out later to get approximate mileage but I have not been getting PRs in that regard either without sufficient time to complete long runs.
  6. I have been so exhausted from being run ragged last month that I am still training to catch upon rest and sleep. This makes it difficult to train in the mornings when I am still SOOOO tired, to get up and head out for a run at the only cool part of the day. So I have tried evening runs (in 90+ degree weather) and this is very hard to do well at, though it does feel better than running at zombie hour for me.
  7. I have not even completed a 20 miler yet! I have gotten close… 18.2 but I should have done three 20 milers last month according to my training schedule. Last month should have been my highest mileage month and it actually dropped! It went from over 110 miles in May to 86 in June and nearly 40 of those were before my field school started.

Ugh!! I was so excited and doing so well.

My dad even said he might come up to Portland to watch me(he lives in southern OR where I was born and he used to run marathons too) and I was going to invite several friends to cheer me on. Now I don’t really want anyone there if I fail. I will still finish this marathon hopefully but I will not likely do well and would not be suprised if I have to walk some of the large elevation gains I could have conquered well before last month’s field school.

I feel like someone popped my pretty red balloon and all I have is a sad dangling string…


3 responses to “Quiet for a reason…


    I can relate to a certain degree to this……but mine is just on a much smaller scale. I only need to get to about 7 miles, which is alot for me šŸ™‚ I’m certainly not the long distance runner you are šŸ˜‰ I’m training to run in Hood to Coast in August….now to help myself be accountable for upping my mileage, I spaced out an 8k then a 10k in my training plan. So before the 8k I hadn’t run in A MONTH and i basically cold turkey-ed 5 miles. I did fine, but was sooo anxious from not training, i dreaded it. Then, my 10k….months later….did I learn my lesson? Nope. I ended up not even going because I wasn’t ready for the 6+ miles. Fail Fail Fail. It’s crazy how easy it is to make a workout plan, but somehow life always sneaks its way in there and running gets pushed aside. Hang in there, though. Make the most of your 17 days…..but don’t over do it trying to catch up. You seem like a natural runner, and I bet adrenaline + your love for running will propel you those 26 miles. šŸ™‚ Don’t be so hard on yourself!!!

    Oh, and what marathon are you running??

  • AppleJuice

    Thanks for the encouragement! I really do tend to hold myself to some high standards. Been called an over-achiever a time or two before šŸ˜‰ What is the Hood to coast like? I remember my dad, aunt and possibly my grandfather (they were all runners too) mentioning that race growing up in OR but can’t remember anything else about it. I’m sure I will be able to finish the race but I am sad that I probably won’t do well. It’s the Wildwood Trail Run in Portland on the 30th. If you click on “marathon” in the first sentence of this post, there is a link to the page for it. It has a pretty serious elevation gain the first six miles so I am worried that I will have a ridiculously slow time without proper training. I developed asthma a few years back fighting fire and humidity sometimes kicks it off.

    So how far are you in your mileage? Want any training tips? šŸ˜€

  • Amanda

    Awww Aj have faith in yourself. You’re strong! I believe you will finish the race in exceptional time. Then you can go celebrate with all of your fans!! šŸ™‚

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