Newest member of the family!

Three species, one gender in the house now…

Welcome home Miss Xander Loe!

She was a stray that was part of a catch and release program here in ABQ for ferrel cats but she tried to follow home the ladies that released her (she is a lover) and was hit crossing the street.

They took her to the vet who pieced her back together and she stayed at their home for her recovery. She still has a protruding chest bone which makes her not want to get picked up but a happy cat non-the-less.

She couldn’t stay at her last home because she doesn’t get along with other cats (Queen Diva Xander Loe) but I was told that she strangely enough likes dogs.

So she has found a new home with Parker and I. They are doing well together. Xander is already bossing Parker around, who is taking it well for being a little diva herself. Parker will be happy for the company around the house, no doubt, when I am at school and work.

I am hoping they continue to get close and eventually play together and snuggle.

I grew up with cats because I could not have a dog til I was older. I am definitely more of a dog lover but I do also like cats with lots of personality and sass. Xander Loe has sass by the bushel! It’s going to fun around the house…

Cute pictures to come no doubt!

And Bonus! <- Her eyes are this vivid green that I love!


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