Pollinator Awareness Day!

This Sunday ~ June 26th!

That is tomorrow people!!!

What will you be doing to celebrate these little creatures that give us so much food and beauty that would never be a possibility without them??

Might I make a few suggestions?

              You could…

  • plant some flowers/herbs in your yard or an outside pot or a window garden.

  •  make a bee watering station with a shallow container filled with rocks and water.

  • start a backyard hive.

  • help spread awareness of their endangerment from CCD.

  • write to your local politician about the importance of stopping GMO foods.

  • join Millions Against Monsanto.

  • take your children to a local farm that raises bees to educate the next generation on their importance and harmlessness.

  • join your local beekeeping coalition.

  • volunteer time with a local beekeeper.

  • host your own celebration for friends, family and neighbors.

  • buy a hive for a family to make a living from in another country.

  • You could even dress up!

There are so many ways in which to celebrate these lovely creatures!


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