Telluride Music Festival

I had an amazing experience at Telluride over the weekend.

Beautiful surroundings that are simply indescribably picturesque, so much so that even my camera does not do them justice.

The music was amazing. I also got to enjoy a brief swim (freezing cold river) and brief hike (looked longer before we started up) to a cave we could see across the valley from our campsite. There was even a lovely winding trail to run with Aspen groves and creek crossings from campsite to town which I did Friday morning.

The festivarians are heart warming folks. I met a couple that I am going to hang out with in Seattle for a home cooked dinner on my summer road trip tour of the Northwest. Our fellow campers were kind, welcoming and a wonderful community. And every bus ride to or from the festival grounds from the camp sites was filled with music, jokes, beers, and laughter.

We were blessed with a wide range of weather as well. From sunburns to a dusting of snow and a rain storm during Mumford and Sons. We all kept cool by sharing shades or warm by passing whiskey through the crowds.

And to top it all off, I even ran into an old buddy that I fought fire with back in the day!


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