Saturday Morning Coffee.

Empty coffee mason jug in hand, Saturday morning, Apple stands with Apple at the Los Ranchos Farmer’s Market.

There is SO much beauty in this world.

SO much to be grateful for!








My Saturday morning saw me to the Los Ranchos Growers’ Market with several friends to watch a dog show and browse the yummy selections available. We also went to the Downtown Growers’ Market, which is my favorite and is the closest farmer’s market to my house. I also got some new lighter-than-air-three-pockets running shorts (will be prefect for the Marathon) at REI’s anniversary sale. They are actually called “better than naked shorts”. Not quite true but damn close! Then I wasted the rest of my Saturday away in a lovely way on the banks of the Rio Grande with some lovely friends (see above BEAUTIFUL photos), followed by a sunset twelve mile bike ride.

The farmer’s Markets are always a hub of running into people I know. I love that community connection that I gain from it, not to mention the delicious food! This pescetarian purchased some golden beets AND a rack of lamb. Yup. MEAT! I don’t even eat fish very often and really live more like a vegetarian but every once in a great while I eat good, environmentally friendly, humanely raised and killed meat. I planned to celebrate my seventeen mile run on Sunday by cooking up the lamb. At a farmer’s market, you can meet the person that raised the lamb, just as you would produce. Knowing the farmer is important to me with regards to produce but knowing the rancher is pretty much essential in my book when it comes to eating meat. I will eat venison when home in Oregon too if hunted by friends and family. However, I do not find meat to be essential in my diet. I also know the vast amounts of environmental damage wrought by meat industries. Yet every once in a while, maybe once or twice a year the last five years or so I have been eating some amounts if I know where it came from and how it was raised.

I have a few habits that work for me but most people probably wouldn’t do or may find strange. They work for me because I feel healthy without meat. I also abstain from eating bananas because they positively travel so far before getting to your lips. Most runners seem to live off the things. I do drink coffee though, and that travels nearly as far. I don’t choose almonds and never buy them directly because of the almond industry’s impact on honeybees. Though I do love apples and other fruit that requires pollinators.

Does anyone else “cheat” at being vegetarian? Do any of you participate in “no meat Mondays” if you are a regular meat eater? What are your views on eating “environmentally friendly” diets? Do you have any “strange” habits or abstinence’s of diet that make you feel better but could be quirky to others?


2 responses to “Saturday Morning Coffee.

  • Celebrating 17 miles. « RawAndUnfiltered

    […] And to celebrate the PR (personal record) and getting over being sick and my training going really well I cooked myself some lamb from a local farm that I bought on Saturday morning. […]

  • Amanda

    Being a meat eater I can’t say I have any quirks, I just eat what I want when I want. 😉

    Aj you are so vastly versed in the realm of industries and their impact on the environment. I love that! Perhaps one day soon I may pick your brain to direct my own search to be more knowledgeble in this realm. (Since it’s not the first thing that comes to my mind when I’m insprired to research, tho it should be more of a priority)

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