The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.

Slow it down a notch. What’s important to you? Do you live each day? I mean REALLY live every day.

Do you go to bed at night feeling satisfied?

There are so many simple small things that each and every one of of can do to accomplish this, and not only for ourselves but also aid each other in accomplishing this. That feeling at the end of the day of satisfaction is different for everyone and the path is as well. Do you check in with yourself and make sure that you are living fulfilling days? Do you check in with others to make sure they are as well?

I am pretty good at providing this feeling for myself and get better and better every year as I grow in age but perhaps I could be better at checking in with others.

I am notorious for being that long distance friend and relative that only phones every three months to a year! My father likes to leave messages reminding me of his phone number and to let him know I am still alive from time to time. My friends back home can count on a yearly contact near the time that I am about to roll into town for my yearly visit but rarely hear from me the rest of the time. I should check in more often to see how others are doing!

(Well, now I am making myself feel like a terrible friend, daughter, sister, etc. And that wasn’t the point of this blog. I will have to resolve to call upon a loved one on the reg so I can feel better about that.)

For now, lets go back to what works.

What I do that makes me feel fulfilled at the end of the day:

    • Smiling, laughter, humor. Every day. Several times a day. It’s a must. I have mastered the art of laughing at myself. And I smile at strangers…usually they smile back and then smile at the next person they pass too!
    • Good food, whole food, cooking, and growing food. My garden makes me happy. Eating healthy and clean foods makes me feel good, tastes good, and makes me feel more connected to my community.
    • Running, training for races. Feeling the wind, sun, and other weather first hand. Feeling my body work and feeling strong. Having a release from daily stress. And of course, that great runner’s high lasting through my run days.
    • Getting outside! Hiking, biking, swimming, camping, backpacking. All of this allows me to connect with my surrounding environment and rewards me in countless ways.
    • Learning new things. Expanding my knowledge. School. Fun books, films, conversations, community events, art.
    • Caring and sharing with those I love. Doing things with friends and for friends. Writing my grandpa and sisters. Texting my nephew. Talking on the phone with my brother. Cooking dinner for friends.
    • Enjoying Parker Jade. She makes me smile and laugh every day. Cray cray mutt. So much energy and attitude. It’s my karma for being such a spitfire myself, and I am enjoying every moment with her.
    • Looking ahead to future goals, travels, endeavors, concerts, plans, career paths, places to live. I love a good ol’ daydream and planning session. I spend ridiculous amounts of time playing with my Google calender.
    • Networking in my field of choice. Volunteering on farms. Going to films, meetings and gatherings food related. Participating in Farmer’s markets. Starting conversations about food and community planning. Learning as much as I can about foodsheds in any fashion.
    • Enjoying my community. Shoping the co-op. Supporting local shops, restaurants, artists and food systems. Creating new networks. And getting involved in Big Brother Big Sister.
    • Music! My banjo(which I need to play more often). New music, local music. Old favorites. Sharing music with others. Going to shows and concerts. Listening to Bluegrass on NPR on the weekends.

That is my list and I could probably add more to it. I thought about this topic on my lovely run this morning after a great night with a friend and a lil’ reminder on my evening Kava tea pictured below. And I wanted to share it with you and to hear from you too!

Laughter makes everything better!

Arugula and leek dumplings with a mushroom cream sauce that I made last night for my friend, E.

Delicious recipe if you have the leisurely time to hang out and chat while you prepare. It's a great one for an evening of entertaining.

These photos are from my early morning run. I got up at just after five am today, while the moon was still high and the mountains were silhouettes.

Negative splits on the run, improving my overall time each half mile for all but one half mile of my eight mile run. Also covered a trail I haven’t for nearly a year.

To the moon!!!!!!!


New PR: 89 miles so far for the month of May!

So what makes to tick? What makes you sleep well at night and gets you up in the mornings?


3 responses to “The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.

  • E

    this is a really refreshing, insightful, and introspective post. thank you for sharing, i echo that all simple acts of kindness really help to make anyones day a bit better. a smile at a stranger, opening the door for someone, traveling with good company, laughing…oh laughing, what a special kind of remedy that always makes the heart grow fonder. you really hit a lot of things on the nail in this one 😉

    trying to live each and every day to its fullest, a modification to the cliche saying, but i have always enjoyed its intention. thanks again for the thought provoking post, apple!


    I simply love this post. So much. I won’t ramble on and on about all the different ways it spoke to me, but damn, it really hit home with the place I’m in right now….finding and doing Again, nice post. 😉

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