The ants come marching one by one…

And I am not talking about the ants on a log!

I am talking infestation.


Overtaking my house.

I have never had ants in my place before. My house is clean. These aren’t even sugar ants. They vary in color and size. Most of them are half red and black and medium to small sized. They are not coming from any one location I can find or going to any one place in my kitchen. Except my bathroom soap, which I removed and set on my porch. I have tried wiping down everything in my kitchen with various cleansers I have and making home remedies but NOTHING is working.

They kinda look like this. Except some have more black.

And they are busy all over my kitchen, doing what except driving me crazy, I do not know!

OMG, it is keeping me up at night knowing they are running around my kitchen and laughing at me!

 And I just want to kill them all. I wash them down the drain one by one cussing.

Seriously, it has only been a week but I am losing my sanity.

The little shits actually try to fight back at times.

They stand up and look like they want to box me. Like they have the right to climb all over my counters and keep me up all night with worry. Like my apartment just got plopped right down on their colony recently.

I probably invited them though, with my lovely yard that has been slowly turned into habitat for all sorts of creatures since I moved in a year and a half ago. It used to be all sand with a few FAKE flowers planted(weird). Now it is full of plants and food and my compost bin and flowers and creatures, birds, insects, ect.

I have finally asked my property management company to fix the issue but I didn’t want to do that because I am worried that they will try to use chemical methods, non eco friendly methods and I am NOT okay with that.
Parker and my garden would not be okay with that.

I am not totally heartless.

Most crawly things in my home I pick up and put outside. And I wouldn’t kill an ant on purpose outside but I want this critters out of my kitchen.

I feel like I cannot cook for gawds sake.

And ya’ll know how I love to get my cook on.

I have had the half watermelon staring at me in my fridge every time I open the door, just waiting to be cut up on my counter and eaten.

I want the ants gone.

I want to devour that luscious melon without fear!

Anyone have any ideas while I await the property manager’s help (which will take days) that they think that I may have not tried yet?


4 responses to “The ants come marching one by one…

  • Susan Jorg

    Cinnamon is supposed to repulse them. Cassie tried it for a year with some luck, and then went for the chemical solution this year.

    • AppleJuice

      Funny! A good friend of mine recently suggested cinnamon for my sinus infection as well. Thanks, I will give this a try for sure and just get some oil to keep on hand anyways.

      Hope you are well! I will be up in Portland end of July.

  • Amanda

    It must be the year of the ants! I have random ants on my kitchen counter too! Sneaky little buggers.. can’t find a trail, just random. I too, don’t want to spay poison on my kitchen counters. Guess I’ll have to figure it out.

    • AppleJuice

      The only thing that is working for me is leaving a thick film of Meyer’s scrub on all my surfaces 😦 Oh! And not eating or cooking in my kitchen or touching any of my food 😦 I took my half watermelon to work in an extra bag today with a giant knife to cut it up – ha! felt like a rebel on the city bus!

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