Writing recovered from FB finally!

Alchemy of Oceans

by A. Jones on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 5:59pm

Afternoon sunlight caresses my freckles and warms my bare skin,
as particles of time worn glass shift under my weight and tall green and yellow grass tickles my legs.
I crest the hill and look out onto an expanse of time and rapture in the embodiment of water.
Wind moves my hair from my ears and whispers to me of secret passages and voyages, smelling organic and salty.
And I walk on.
Waves roll in wetting my soles, quenching my pores, petting my soul, licking my ankles and then receding, sucking my toes.
I cartwheel down the beach, the line between the heaviness of earth and weightlessness of the ocean, letting gravity play with my body. Feeling my muscles work gently with the air…flexing, lengthening, constraining, left foot, left hand, right hand…turning my body in circles, as the existence of all life.
Water receding leaving behind rainbow reflecting bubbles in soft white foam as each grain of sand becomes individualized, water being withdrawn.
Sand and water spray from my limbs like seeds from dandelion clocks. My hair lays for a second in the surf then alternately dribbles water drops down my back, collects and drips, collects and drips.
Beads mixing with salty sweat dotting the space between my shoulder blades and running in trails up and down my back, up and down.
Wind sending sounds of thundering wells and crashes, telling stories of power and ancient rituals, of flow and influence, of strength and yielding.
A pull both foreign and essential beckons me from my turns.
I step slowly, leading with my heart toward the horizon where silky sea blends into fleshy sky.
Cool pressure rises up my legs once again, water acting opposite of an overflowing glass, filling in the voids. My abdominal muscles quiver as the coolness envelopes them and the impulse to lengthen grows.
The alchemy of my sweat mixing perfectly with the salt water I was born from as it flows over me.
And I plunge, mind, body and soul into the depth.


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