My Summer Foodshed Field School

School starts again for me in two weeks!

Oh yeah!

A full month of in depth, hands on, in person, touring of NM’s foodshed first hand!

You know I may have squealed a lil when I got in…

After all, they only except fifteen students and most of them had to be Hispanic for their funding requirements and I’m a whitey.

(Except that eighth Comanche)

Well… I have done much harder work and a much more strenuous schedule when I was wildland fire fighting so I guess I will just break on through to the other side.

It’s only ONE month after all.

Ten days overnight and thirteen away in the field.

(pun FULLY intentional)

All of the rest of the days on campus.

Not looking forward to the slaughterhouse visit but besides that it looks like a flippin’ fantastical schedule to me.

I still need to fit work hours.

And some how, some way fit in all of my training.

Which is picking up more and more miles and I am adding more days as well.

Oh, when will I eat and sleep?

June is going to be insane!

So I hope you all can’t wait for all of the posts from trials and errors in fitting it all in and rants about all of the intellectual stimulation I will be soaking up and all of the miles I will be putting on, all over NM next month.


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