Saturday Morning Coffee.

“That was the first time I experienced the desperate, orgiastic pleasure of this form of public mourning: it was the one place where people mingled and touched bodies and shared emotions without restraint or guilt. There was a wild, sexually flavored frenzy in the air.”

                                                                                                     ~excerpt from Reading Lolita in Tehran

Oooohhhh, the good ol’ Saturday Morning Coffee.


Slow food.

Good read.

Chirping birds.

Lazy dog day.

Yup, it MUST be…


We open our eyes to the morning and roll over…

We look adoringly at our sick mum…

Parker starts her morning yoga routine with a little cobra pose action…

We greet the day and the basil seedlings and head to the kitchen for COFFEE and…

Some yummy slow food, mmmmm breakfast burrito…

Then we nap again, digest a little of the gorge, and think about chasing birds and smelling the garden…

Yay for Saturdays!

That quote struck me Saturday morning over coffee… Can you imagine? In ‘merica? We don’t know how to mourn. We don’t share emotions. Publicly? Are you kidding? When was the last time you saw real feeling expressed unadulterated in the streets? Where is the humanity in the way we hold back everything? No wonder we don’t connect. No wonder we don’t know our neighbors. No wonder we all sit in front of TVs looking at other people’s emotions and eat bad food that makes us feel good for a minute. On a blog I read occasionally, someone once pointed out the connection that food gives us to comfort, the basic primal connection. When we eat something that tastes good it releases endorphins. Of course it does.  This is what helps bond mother and child. Feeding is comfort. Watching others have emotions enacts your own emotions. I just wish that we did these actions, these basic primal needs in healthier ways here in America. I wish that everyone could turn off their TVs, connect with their community. That everyone could share good food, slow foods and grow some of their own. Do you know that “good dirt” smell? That smell that smells so good if you are near or pick up a handful of rich, healthy soil? Do you know why it smells so damn GOOD? In healthy soil there are natural nutrients that release happy hormones in our brain.

Let us take care of each other, let us open up to one another, get to know one another, let us treat our bodies to healthy food for our lasting comfort, and let us take care of our soil, which takes care of us.

*brought to you by the lovely french pressed beans of fair trade and organic Love Blend, sold @ La Montanita Co-op



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