Albuquerque’s Recycling

So this has been hanging out in my dashboard for months now but I still wanted to post it. I took a trip last term with one of my teacher’s other classes to see the recycling facilities here in Albuquerque because I wanted to know first hand why we are so far behind with the recycling here in ABQ.

We only recycle 3% of our waste here, can you believe how freakin’ low that number is!?!

Anyhoo, these are the pictures I took from the field trip.

They had plans and projections of finally getting everyone on curbside service (most of the city has no services at all) and I really hope this happens soon.

The problem they said is lack of funding and education. Once again, citizens have not let the uppers know that this is important to them.

One cool thing they did have going on was their use of an inmate program to have non-violent offenders work in the plant, as well as an exchange program for the homeless to do some work in exchange for food if I remember that part correctly.

These are super great programs because ABQ’s recycling plant is still a hand sorting facility. And it is also very small so the efficiency is low and costly.

One really great thing they have in the works now though is they are working in conjunction with a hydroponic substrate company that has set up a facility right next door to it and they now recycle 100% of all glass, any kind or color, into a material used for hydroponic growing.

This process takes no water ( a gigantic plus in the desert!) and uses more types of glass than would otherwise be recycled and takes no sorting.

They also want to build a methane sequestration process that funnels the gas off the garbage dump site down underground through pipes and then runs the electricity for the hydroponic substrate plant.


No water and zero electricity and uses up all glass waste and produces a highly profitable material?


The company is called Growstone of you want to learn more about what they are doing.


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