Facebook is requiring a form with my “real name”…

Sit down.

And don’t poop your self when you read on 😉

Remember back when I first started this blog and my first rant on facebook??

Facebook actually finally contacted me back! Here is the email…


We apologize for our delayed response. Unfortunately, due to high contact rates, we haven’t been able to investigate your report. Please ignore this email if you resolved this issue on your own or created a new account.

Your account was temporarily suspended because your name appears to be false or misleading. Facebook requires all users to provide their real first and last names:

• Fake names are not allowed.
• Nicknames are ok as long as they’re a variation of your real first or last name (like Bob instead of Robert).
• You can’t use initials instead of your full name.
• Your name can only include characters from one language.
• Your name can’t include professional or religious titles.
• Your name should not include symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, or punctuation.
• Only one person’s name should be listed on the account – profiles are for individual use only.
• Pretending to be anyone or anything is not allowed.

If you’re worried about your privacy, you can restrict who can find you in searches from the “Connecting on Facebook” page. You can get to this page by choosing “Privacy Settings” from the Account menu at the top of every Facebook page.

If you would like to regain access to this account, please fill out the following form and include your real first and last name:

(link to my account)

For more information on our name policies, please visit:


Thanks for your patience,

The Facebook Team

Ha! Six months later!!!

So, a little poll here, help me out folks…should I re-activate?? Tell me your thoughts!

This whole situation has unnerved me about what Facebook is really about as opposed to what they claim to be for.

BUT on the other hand, I really want my writing and pictures off of there, ect.

What you y’all think?


One response to “Facebook is requiring a form with my “real name”…

  • Amanda

    It is a crock of shit Aj, but we all really miss you on FB. As douchy as they are being about their ‘technicalities’ claim what’s yours! I hope you decide to come back!

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