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(Quote from Organic Bytes)

“Does it bother you that we consumers are largely unaware that 70 percent to 80 percent of the [non-organic] processed foods we buy contain GM ingredients? We are ‘largely unaware’ because these foods are not labeled – even though 90 percent of Americans want them labeled and think that we have the right to know what is in our food. The biotech industry fights labeling viciously because they know that, if GM foods were labeled, many would refuse to buy them as is the case in Europe.”

– “The Audacity of Genetically Modified Foods,” Bruce Robinson, May 8, 2011

Here comes a serious rant people. Brace yourself and read on if you dare.

It sure as hell bothers me. But what really bothers me is the lack of fight in the mass public here in America. We have the right and ability to vote with our forks. Every bite you take is a vote. Every time you buy groceries; a vote. Every time you choose a restaurant to eat at; a vote. Dammit people, wake the eff up!

Obesity, disease, cancer, autism, ADD, ADHD, global climate change, lack of fresh clean water, epidemic amounts of farmer suicides globally, environmental degradation, desertification, Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees, droughts, soil loss, species loss…I could go on FOREVER.

Where do you all think these problems are stemming from??

Unsustainable, unhealthy agricultural processes.

And we have the ability to stop this.

So, please. Do something. Demand non GMO food at your grocery store, at every restaurant you go to. Vote every time you eat. When you buy, support organic and natural and small local farmers that use sustainable practices in their farms. Every time you go out to eat, ask your server if the manager or owner is there, and then ask them if they serve non GMO food, if they support local farms in the area. Let them know how important this is to you as a customer and a consumer.

The more we ask, the more people become aware, get educated and begin to ask more themselves. Pay it forward. Do what you can. I’m not advocating that you switch overnight to completely organic. That is hard and not possible for some folks. It can be expensive. But do what you can by asking and spreading the knowledge that you want GMO out of our foods.

Do you know why organic and natural is more expensive and less accessible? Find out. Learn more. Ask questions. This is something that is one of your basic needs. You eat three times a day. Do you know why it is so hard to have healthy, safe food for everyone? Do you know how large corporations  put their CEO’s in office, change policies, and then go back to work for the corporations? Do you know how the majority of government subsidies go to large farms GMO farms? Did you know that the small farms get less and less of the help that what set up for them in the first place?

That’s right folks! GMO food is not more cheap than organic and natural, you are just tricked into thinking so. You make it cheap with your tax dollars!! You ARE paying more for GMO. You just do it out of your paychecks and on tax day instead of at the grocery store. Support farmers market. No middle men. Your money goes straight to the farmer. And you know where the food comes from because you get to meet the farmer that grew it.

Do you want Health Care for the nation? Do you wonder why our kids are overweight, being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD so prevalently? Do you know why cancer continues to be such a high issue for Americans? Do you wonder why the health of this Nation is failing so grossly and why we need Health Care so badly? Do you know who is PROFITING from this epidemic?

Do you ask these questions? Do you even know TO ask these question?

This is our future. This is now. This is a concern that each and every one of us has a responsibility to take part in fixing.






Vote so that there is in fact a future for humankind.


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