I ran the farthest EVER in my life this morning!

I set my alarm for five thirty, knowing how hot it was going to be and how long I might take to run the fifteen mile goal for today.

BUT alas, I did not start til about sevenish. Yup, I still suck at the early morning run. I have no idea what I did for an hour and a half.

(Hit snooze, drank some coffee, put on running clothes, juiced some grapefruits, drank that, filled water bottles, read an article in the bathroom, oops-TMI, drove to Academy to run…oh, that’s where it went!)

The route around Academy is about three point three miles so I concentrated on doing my five loops, less if my GPS worked correctly on my phone program. Then at about three miles into my run I noticed people putting up sponsorship banners all around the trail fence. Shit balls. Yup, the one day I drive up to Academy to train they are holding an event. I get up the hill and see that it is the March of Dimes.

Ummmm, its May.

Okay, well whatever. It’s a good cause even if its being held late in the year. Perhaps I can finish my run before they start…

My son was a premie and died of SIDS at nearly five months old. I remember driving my ex to the bank two days after our son died and him coming out of the bank bawling. It was the March of Dimes, in that month of March. He had gone in to cash his paycheck and the bank teller had asked if he wanted to donate a dollar to help save the lives of babies that needed special care. He could only shake his head yes, tears were rolling down his face and his throat had closed up. We held each other in the car after he came out.

I think of that memory and that month of March when my own baby died every time I see something for the March of Dimes.

After my son died I pretty much got a hold back on myself by running and running and running some more. It was my way of healing. It was time to remember, time for myself, time to meditate.

I had been a sprinter in High school and had always hated running any kind of “distance”. After my son died I turned to drugs for a time, to forget, to get lost, to medicate my troubled mind and soul. Of course this does not work, your pain is always still there when you come back down and sometimes no amount of drugs can make you forget. About a year after he died someone asked me to run a 10k with them.

Ha! Yeah right!

But I said I would run with them and see how it went. I ran the race. I got third in my age.

I haven’t stopped running since.

Except the occasional cold winter and the asthma set back after fighting fires.

Time helps wounds not sting so sharply but running may have saved my life.

So I ran around and around and around those Marchers today, I set a new personal record at 15.26 miles (ironically Christian also died on the 26th…) and I remembered my son and all the miles in between of healing and growth that landed me where I am today.

I am going to rock that damn marathon.

What a winding road life takes us on…


  • Miles: 15.26
  • Time 2:31:46 h/m/s
  • Pace: 9:57 min per mi
  • Speed 6.03 mph
  • Calories burned: 1475
  • Total elevation climb: 1071 ft

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