Preach on Sister….

“People need to start filling their souls instead of their mouths and pockets.”

“I feel like so many people are forgetting that before they are anything else, they’re HUMAN. We need to start treating each other HUMANELY. All everyone cares about now is money and shit. It’s gross. People need to start filling their souls instead of their mouths and pockets. ” ~TKM


3 responses to “Preach on Sister….

  • erica

    yes!! this quote sums up much of us living blindly in such a capitalistic society, always trying to get up the corporate ladder to “success” yet basic needs are still unmet and simple acts of kindness go unseen. i think if you have to think about doing good deeds, or applauding yourself for doing such, we need to reassess our basic purposes of being a human being. go give a hug to a person, or a tree 🙂

  • AppleJuice

    Hey, hippis aren’t allowed on my site.

  • Amanda

    Society has dead-end our instincts and generated a loss of simple manners or just plain consideration for our fellow humans (particularly in American society). This is most evident in modern society. The humanist is becoming extinct, and that saddens me very deeply. The lack of compassion, empathy and understanding in the world is confounding.
    There is nothing wrong with succeeding in this life, but one should never forget where they’ve come from nor should they forget how they got there and all of the people who contributed to their success. Greed fuels the ego, which often overpowers a person’s reason, superseding the appreciation that is innate within each and every one of us. The key is no matter who you become in life NEVER forget the little things in life because those are truly the treasures in life..

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