Fine Five Mile Morning

Oh lovely day!

Thanks for your morning running blessing. I actually got up at six am to hit the sand! Don’t pee your pantalones, its true. Shocking as it is.

Tomorrow I am running ten or eleven miles up the La Luz trail. Well, lets be honest…5.5 up then 5.5 miles back down. I will be focusing on that downhill all the way up! Cause what goes up must come down (thank goodness).

The La Luz trail might feel brutal tomorrow but I kinda have a steal mind once I get running so even if I am slow as a snail, I will keep on truckin’.

(Side note: Ha! I just had a flashback of the first year I was on my Hotshot crew and struggling up those hills with all the guys. I was half their weight but still carrying the same weight as them in gear and repeating to myself in my head among cuss words that “I eat men with their strength for breakfast” to keep myself feeling tough and keep one leg in front of the other. If they could do it, I could too, even if I was half their size. I made up for their strength with my determination!)

Besides I don’t want to die on that first quarter of my race in July so I will be killing myself on this trail until then so that those first six miles of my marathon feel like a breeze!

This is the La Luz elevation chart for the La Luz Trail Run that happens here annually, just to give an idea of what I am running in the morning. So, if I don’t blog again by Monday, send out the hounds to find my body…    😉

Here’s a topographical map cause I’m nerdy like that and love them...those switchbacks at the beginning shall be a b*tch!

In more running news, I have kept up steady progress really well this month! New records all the time now. Just starting to zone in on my elevation runs and improving my times.

The stats:

21.1 miles this week

77.2 miles this month

And now I leave you with this.

I really don’t know why this came up when I googled the La Luz trail.

But, it made me laugh so I share!


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