Just a walk in the park(woods)… right???

My marathon plan in all its glory (and intimidation)…

Wildwood Trail Run

Someone asked me the other day if the trail I was running my marathon on had many hills… and I thought,

“Hmmmmm, uh oh. I should know this info for training!”

I think that when I first found this race the map and course info were not up yet and I hadn’t checked back in yet to find out.

(WHat?!? I knowright?!)

So today I checked.


Elevation Gain: 2,350′




That’s not too bad? Right???

Looks like a real pretty trail to get all sweaty and huffy on!

The Marathon is the pink line plus the orange line and then back again....

That doesn’t look too bad??

Looks like running along the Bosque here in NM.

Wait the maps are getting more intimidating!!

What exactly is an elevation gain of 2,350 feet overall look like on the trail??

Or over a thousand feet in the first quarter?

So then I went to my runkeeper account to look over my previous training up to this point to see what type of elevation climbs I have already been doing…


Not nearly a thousand feet, thats for certain! The highest elevation change I could find in my past runs was about three hundred feet.

And that is usually downhill from work for me. I don’t go up that three hundred feet nearly as often.


And motivation.

I was just telling a friend this morning via text that my motivation was waning and that I need to rev it up a bit.

I have especially been slacking in the morning run department.

And obviously I slacked off for two days before completely my last long run. I was supposed to run 13 miles on Saturday, not Monday.

Time to do some hills!

Should be an interesting first marathon for me…

Anyone know any good elevation trail runs, not too far away?


One response to “Just a walk in the park(woods)… right???

  • Amanda Stephens

    You can do it!! I don’t know what the climb is but there are lots of trails at the crest. I imagine running at 10,000 feet has to count for something.

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