Weekend Rambling’

The pictures of my weekend wanderings, missing much but here is some highlights!

Saturday morning I ran ten miles, creating three records on my runkeeper program in a single run.

It was a beautiful trail along the Bosque and Parker Jade had a blast.

Then I got a sunburn watering the garden and laying out too long reading a case study on Katrina being a man-made disaster for my public policy class. So glad there was a case study option on something I can really geek out on.

I love talking about human’s attempts at controlling nature and how it ALWAYS backfires. John McPhee has a great book on this.

After a good geek out session I went on to do a drinking session 🙂

@ the Blues and Brews event here in ABQ with a few good friends.

Disappointing brews galore…but I did revisit the Deschutes Brewery tent countless times to have yummy sips of a fine brew from back home. I highly recommend their Red Chair NWPA.

A beer I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy would be Turtle Mountain’s Honey Wheat. Nasty! Unless you REALLY love canned peas. I shit you not… that beer tasted like canned peas, I got a second opinion and was told I hit the nail on the head.

There was an interesting array of comical t-shirts at the event…

Including a definition of the word bunghole as it applies to beer.


Wait, put the breaks on…I forgot to talk about Friday night!!!

So much fun! I went to two shows by some amazing women.

The first was a small intimate concert with Kate Mann and her guest from Portland, OR, Matt Meighan.


Kate is an amazing songwriter and you should all check her out!!


Kate Mann

After that show I went over to Marble to check out some additional music with a few friends.

Also another fun show. The group was Mala Mana.


Saturday ended at Marble Brewery after Blues and Brews as well.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…read all about it….

Sunday is funday, and it most certainly was!

I started it out baking doggie biscuits for Parker Jade’s b-day party I had at noon at the dog park.

The biscuits turned out great so I packed them up as party favors…

And I moved on to making her a doggie birthday cake!!!!!

The recipe was fun and easy but the frosting was liquidy.

Great thing about dogs, they are stoked no matter the presentation with food!

Thanks mom!!!

I’m pretty certain that she had a blast because when we got home she passed out on the cool kitchen tile and refused to move.

She says thanks to all who came and for the yummy treats (including an entire cow leg). She sure is spoiled by all the love she gets!

After that several of the party goers decided to make their way up to an Earth Day celebration @ the LaMontanita Co-op and to a tasty lunch break.

The fair in the parking lot was fun as always with live music, great food, drinks, causes, plants, flowers, crafts, and community love.

AND BABY GOATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMGOMGOMGOMG! Let me take it home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think this was love at first sight and I MUST HAVE ONE.

One of my friends joked that everyone should pitch in for my next birthday and get me a goat.

I can assure that I would not be opposed AT ALL!

(You might be seeing more goat blogs coming up, I have a new love.)

After this it was on to a bike ride to a BBQ at my lovely friend’s lovely casa with loads of lovely ladies!

(say that fast, dare you.)

I love my friends, life, my pooch, goats, spring, running, beer, music, ect, ect, ect, AMEN!


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