The thigh is the limit!!


Lets talk about thighs!

I noticed, after pulling on my newly washed jeans today that mine are growing! Ahhhhhhhhhh!

I don’t want to have to buy new jeans and where do you even find jeans for larger thighs but not a bigger waist to go with them?? (The only place getting tighter as the rest of my jeans get more loose everywhere else!)

Actually, I like that…because at the same time my waist on my jeans is getting roomier (not that my thighs are really that big).





I have always wanted and admired big strong thighs. I did squats and lunges way too much in high school trying to grow my own.


Who doesn’t like thighs?!


(And hugs!)


Maybe it’s heredity.

My dad always complained that he had a hard time finding the right jeans to fit his large thighs and slender hips. I inherited my love for running from him I think, and the rest of that side of my family, which is full of runners and marathoners. Maybe my dad gave me a disproportionate thigh gene.

I could be happy not ever wearing jeans if running gives me a wicked pair of these…




Actually, I guess my legs still wouldn’t quite look like that since I don’t wear heels and don’t shave often…probably more like my dads legs still. In fact! I think he used to sport a speedo just like those undies!

I thought it time for a fun(ny), not so serious, rambling post.


3 responses to “The thigh is the limit!!

  • kendra

    You crack me up woman!

  • tzopilotl

    …go to havana and roll cigars, there’s enough sugar cane there to keep you, sweet, and don’t worry about
    undies, they haven’t been worn since the revolution,
    and now there’s an island-wide shortage.

  • jessiepeace

    Hahaha! 🙂 Maybe your jeans are just shrinking in the wash, I find I buy skinny jeans you wear them and they don’t feel skinny any more and then you put them in the wash and they are hugging your thighs like that are supposed to again! 🙂

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