Greensky Bluegrass @ Bluebird Theatre in Denver, CO.


Greensky Bluegrass @ Bluebird Theatre 3/17/2011

They were A-mazing, as always. And they really should have been the headliners.


I love my sky green and my grass blue!

They played some great covers too that were fun. The venue was really a nice one, with good views no matter where you should.



The Infamous Stringdusters

…doing a cover of one of Greensky’s songs and messing up the lyrics.

Infamous are definitely a very talented band but they need to work on their sounds. Every song is fast, similar, and soon while watching them play they all blended to sound like the same song. Highlight all the talent you have on the stage but perhaps by highlighting it, not going all out, every song, every musician, every time.


Greensky Bluegrass with The Infamous Stringdusters in Denver, CO.

The end of the evening played out great with a fun cover by both bands on stage at once. That was a lot of musicians. Just about two of every instrument.

They did a cover of Cee Lo Green’s song Forget You all bluegrass style.


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