No more NPR and PBS??

“House Republicans have declared an “emergency” today. Is it about unemployment? The situation in Libya? The disaster in Japan? Nope, it’s about defunding NPR.”

That is what I just found in my inbox.


An emergency bill is being pushed through that would ban any federal money from going to NPR or its affiliates.

Washington should know that public broadcasting carries a huge following, even among its own Republican constituents, a majority support public funding for NPR and PBS. So why are they trying to sneak this through too?

The biils that have been passed recently are alarming!!!

What is happening over there in Washington, and who are these elected officials representing for real???



2 responses to “No more NPR and PBS??

  • Erica

    The larger issue is the fact that funding for public media has been decreasing slowly over the last few years.

    It is indeed a frustrating situation and the defunding of the CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) has been going on for over a year now (publicly at least) and who is even worse off are PEG (public, education, government)access centers nationwide. What always goes under the radar is that PEG access centers are indeed part of the larger, yet more grassroots public media spectrum and often are not talked about.

    Not because I work at one, but I empathize tremendously with the hundreds of access centers who have been shut down because of defunding suddenly at a city council meeting. These community access centers provide community members (who are ALL volunteer producers) with integral skills and tools to truly provide a community perspective. They are taught professional training on video equipment AND are given a place to speak their voice (on the channels) and these organizations are at jeopardy every year, as cities and municipalities see it as an area that is not important for community building and community media representation. It all goes back to larger telecommunications companies (Comcast, Cox, etc) who have money & lobbyists at all levels, fighting against such preservation of Public Media across the board (PEG centers and NPR/PBS).

    The NPR/PBS defunding is terrible and I wish this was a non-issue and that we could focus on more serious issues taking place (ahem, JAPAN!) but I see community members who actually have capabilities to getting the *true* grassroots, community voice out there as more of an issue and concern, but it never gets media coverage. Ugh, so, that’s my rant. If you read this far, thanks šŸ™‚

    One example of this happening recently:

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