Okay…Uh Huh, Her additiction.


I was expecting when I went to the Uh Huh Her show last night to see something like this…


Ya know, Leisha Hailey in all her glory!

I used to watch the L Word like all the other lezzies out there and had a favorite and she was IT!

She was smart, witty, sarcastic, fun, stylish, femme and on point all the time. The more I found out about her the more I became a fan. In a band too??? I thought she was awesome! What a fun talented woman.

I listened to some of her music years ago and liked it. How fun that she was coming to little old Albuqueerque, where we seem to have a hard up scene for getting good acts to stop through on their tours! Going? OF COURSE!



Then she takes the stage…

Yup, looking something more similar to this woman.


Though she was wearing some sweet white pumps…

Yet, paired with these, but ROLLED UP…

And also an old white Uh Huh Her t-shirt with apparently no bra. Her clothes were hanging from her emaciated frame.

Where did her lovely curves go??

(Not to mention style and wit and shampooed hair)



Upon arrival at the venue, we were all ushered outside and told to wait out in the cold while they performed their sound check. Even those who already been inside. Even though many people had gotten their tables and been enjoying drinks. EVEN THOUGH we could still hear them outside anyways.

Even though, later on stage they did a sound check before and mid show.

We waited outside, listening to a “sound check” that included a bunch of stuff that was never heard again that night, a lot of silence, and lasted FOREVER.




What were they really doing in there???





Oh stardum.

So. Yeah.

The show was a flop, and disappointment high. The drummers mouth was out of control with nervous tics from who knows what AND distracting. And when she said her one sentence of the night into the mic, it was incoherent.

She couldn’t even pull off one sentence.

Fans pay money to see shows. Not see you throw your life down the toilet.


4 responses to “Okay…Uh Huh, Her additiction.

  • Sunset Gazer

    I saw the Murmurs live around 1997. They rocked. Leisha Hailey looked great and sang/performed with passion, the band was tight, etc. I not only advertised Monday’s show on my own blog but seriously contemplated going, eek. Fortunately I opted for a quiet dinner with Normandie Wilson, who was in town from LA en route to SXSW.

    • AppleJuice

      Good choice! Love me some drop in friends from out of town. I really almost left but it was kinda like one of those car accident moments where everyone on the road slows down. At first you are annoyed and then there you are, looking on yourself, in horror and amazement.

  • kendra

    Hi aj, I did not realize u had a blog until tonight. I went thru and read your postings. You are an interesting writer and it is good to hear your voice again. I am so glad I did not pay 15 bucks to see a bunch a drug addicts try to perform. Uhg!

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