Breakdancing on the Bosque

I love to run! It makes every cell in me dance…

So why do I go through these bouts of not doing it every year? I tend to hibernate in the winter, telling myself that it’s too cold out to run and it’s okay to put on my winter weight to stay more warm. Come spring time though each year I jump out there and try to catch up for my languid winter ways. It gets increasingly harder to get that five to ten pounds back off as I grow in age. Currently I live in the SW desert and it really does get cold in the winter here but it doesn’t really even snow. Runners have it worse in so many other places!

Desert Living

Spring is peeking around the corner and I am slowly getting inspired. Nothing inspires me more than signing up for a race. So I have…

I am going to run the Gauntlet!

But its far away and won’t take much training so I need to find something more. This year I want to make running stick, all the way through the year. I want to do another 13.1 and have been looking at this fun half site, trying to incorporate races into my travels this summer.  I would love to train for a full as well <—-I haven’t done that yet! That would be exciting to complete.

I really wanted to do both last year too and was going to complete a destination half in wine country in Oregon while I was home visiting family. Then I got injured six weeks from my first race and found myself on crutches, training halted and races canceled.

So this year I am starting a bit slower, concentrating on making a consistent running schedule a permanent part of my life…

  • Goal one: run three days a week
  • Goal two: stick to it for life

Only 1% of Americans actually regularly exercise!!!!!!!!

I don’t want to be part of that statistic.

So for now, I am enjoying the spring springing up slowly as I run three days a week down the Bosque, out here in the desert, making running a habit that isn’t seasonal any longer… one to stick to for life.



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