100 Flavors

1. Born and raised Oregon style.

2. Lived in over 10 cities since leaving home after high school.

3. Including both coasts of the U.S.

4. Food activist.

5. Runner.

6. Dog lover.

7. I was married with a child at 19.

8. Now I am a childless, happily divorced lesbian.

9. I miss my son greatly, he died of SIDS.

10. This makes others uncomfortable so I don’t talk about him as much as I want to.

11. I have been a victim of child molestation, rape, and spousal abuse.

12. This also makes people uncomfortable to talk openly about, but I talk about it anyways.

13. I encourage other women to talk openly about their abuse and help beak the cycles of silence.

14. I am earning a degree in Environmental  Planning and Design with a minor in Sustainability Studies.

15. My passion is food systems.

16. I am a music whore.

17. I hug trees, literally, when I go backpacking and I highly recommend it.

18. I am training for a marathon.

19. I have completed many 5ks, 10ks(often placing), and one half marathon.

20. I love bodies of water and draw strength from them when near, likely from my Oregon upbringing.

21. I have driven across the US several times, alone with my dog Laben.

22. I had my dog Laben with me over ten years, he died of bone cancer.

23. I have been wanting to move to Asheville, NC for about six years now and hopefully after graduation will do so.

24. I am aunt four times over.

25. I have two sisters and three brothers.

26. I was a firefighter on a Hotshot crew for a few years based out of Oregon.

27. I am an environmentalist.

28. I secretly(not so secret anymore) want to be in a band.

29. I collect belt buckles.

30. I collect books (which I call my library, and loan out to reliable friends).

31. Bluegrass and banjo obsessed (that is what I would want to play in said band)!

32. I am trying to learn to play the banjo myself.

33. If I could travel anywhere, I would pick Ireland, Thailand, and this island called Cheung Chau off the coast of Hong Kong for their annual bun festival that is vegetarian, entire island style!

34. I have a new dog(or she has me), Parker Jade, turned a year old in April and is quite spunky.

35. She also has traveled cross country with me already.

36. I can be brutally honest, yet I am usually a quite observer at first.

37. I want to own a pair of chickens and a goat.

38. I want my own farm B&B, where I would offset room rates with opportunities to work.

39. I am a Sagittarius with a Scorpio rising and a Cancer moon.

40. I adore traveling.

41. I also adore cooking and sharing my creations with friends.

42. I have a garden in about half on my yard that I keep adding to and installed a rain catchment system when I moved into my casita.

43. I own a car but I only drive it usually about two days a week, the rest of the week I bike commute or hop on the city bus.

44. My favorite color is green and has been as long as I can remember.

45. I have lived many lives in the one of mine.

46. I am blessed with beloved friends all over the U.S. but can be terrible at keeping in touch more than about every six months.

47. In fact sometimes, I don’t even call my own Pops for about six months until I get a voicemail asking if I remember his phone number.

48. Speaking of Pops, he gave me a wonderful childhood, full of cherished memories and fun traditions that I am grateful for.

49. My mother, not so much. We are estranged. She is still married to my childhood abuser.

50. I would selfishly love to have more children but I don’t know that I ever will because of the state of the planet.

51. I would feel like a big pile of …. for bringing more children into a world that we are destroying, leaving nothing for their future.


(this 100 things about me gets harder and harder so feel free to leave a comment asking me questions!)






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